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Services & Pricing

Please call (415) 246-6452 for your free 10 minute phone consultation

Image by Katherine Hanlon


Acupuncture treatments are usually an hour long. 

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothing so I can access elbows and knees as these are common areas for needling.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Additional Tools

Depending upon the symptoms and patterns involved in your root cause, I may utilize cupping, recommend nutritional improvements, and/or use electric stimulation. These modalities will also be discussed further in the Intake Appointment. 

Rife/Scalar Frequency treatments can be done alone or in conjunction with Acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture: $120 per treatment

10 Treatment Package: $1100

Cash preferred. I also accept checks. Rife/Scalar prices will be discussed at the intake appointment.


I am not in network with any insurance companies therefore, I do not accept insurance. 

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