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Chinese Medicine Acupunctrist

My mission in life is to become my best and happiest self. What I want for myself, I want for others to achieve as well. I believe health is wealth and feeling happy and energized is important for everyone in living life optimally. We are stronger together and I would like to be a helpful resource in your life's journey. 

In 2012, I was a Firefighter/EMT for the San Francisco Fire Dept. I was young and determined, yet I was not feeling fulfilled and life felt as if I was on the wrong track despite all the successes I had achieved. Yet these "successes" were something that our world deemed valuable, instead of my own knowing in my soul. My soul was screaming for a change in direction. And luckily, I listened. Because of that one choice I made for myself, my whole life and world has changed. I say it was the year I "woke up" because it sent me on a healing journey and on my way to where I am now, happier and healthier than ever and helping others heal too. Four years in graduate school and years of nutritional education and experience have given me tools to help those who are seeking. 

There have been many healers I have had the honor of working with. They showed me compassion, respect, unconditional love and understanding for all that I was working through. I will always remember my healers and teachers who have helped me to release the old, surrender to the Divine, and to become my best Self. I wish to expand upon their groundwork and impart my own wisdom and education to help in whatever you are needing in your life of health, happiness, and well-being.  

My intention is to help you empower yourself, love yourself, and take your power back in your life of health on all levels of existence. Like we must nourish our physical bodies with healthy foods, we must also nourish our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. With energy medicine, like acupuncture and healing frequencies, along with living foods, you can heal.

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